In September 2009, Practical Living Institute (PLI) launched a Women’s Leadership Training Program named Project Destiny.
    Project Destiny is designed to help SUDANESE REFUGEE women living in Egypt and the disenfranchised Egyptian Women to
    improve their quality of life. Dr. Barbara Davis  lived in Egypt and worked with the women for nine months.

    Phase One of the project ended in May 2010.  Phase One provided the women with spiritual guidance and training for
    sustainable living skills. Project Destiny taught the women leadership skills, which empowered and brought transformation to
    their lives. During Part One, the women received training in Decision Making, Conflict Resolution, and Effective Communication
    and they studied, in great detail, the lives of five (5) women in the Bible.  Part Two of the project taught the women skills that
    enabled them to provide a livelihood for themselves and their families.

    Phase Two of Project Destiny started in June 2010 and  included the opening of a Women's Center and a small sewing factory for
    the women.  Project Destiny provided work space, sewing machines and other supplies for the women. They were able to use
    the center to make and sell products to help provide for their families.   

    Project Destiny recently celebrated five years of ministry work in Egypt.   In April 2015, Project Destiny expanded to two new
    locations in  Alexandria.  Two of the women who graduated from Project Destiny's training started projects in their own  
    community.  They will follow the same format that was implemented previously.

    Project Destiny will be able to reach more women and strengthen them spiritually.  Additionally, the new women will be
    provided with capacity building training. The two new women leaders will be given monthly support and Project Destiny will
    pay the transportation cost of the women attending the training.